Bakery Equipment
Buy from us wide range of Bakery Equipment that can be used to perform various tasks such as sifting, rounding, molding etc. in kitchens of bakeries, hotels and restaurants. They are designed by using best in class stainless steel which imparts high strength and durability.

Dough Sheeter Machines
Flour Kneading Machines are fully automated systems that are used to make dough of different powdered food substances by mixing them with water. These industrial units requires standard alternating voltage of 220 volts with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz.
SS Trolley
We are offering heavy duty SS Trolley that are commonly used as material handling units in food, manufacturing, shipping and various other industries. The surfaces of these units are provided with smooth and shiny anti-corrosive coating to prevent surface damages. 

Flour Sifter
Flour Sifter are easy to use highly efficient food grade machineries that are capable to completely remove the solid impurities such as stones, plastics etc. from the large amount of free flowing flour with the help of a screw mechanism system. 
Dough Molding Machine
Dough Moulding Machine is mainly used and configured for almost any bakery item, including breads, pizza dough, pie dough, cookies, rolls, baguettes, buns and many more. This moulder is specially designed to shape dough into versatile sizes of breads in the bakery industry. This moulder is very effective and easy to operate.
Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor is widely used in different areas which includes food production and processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, and manufacturing industries among others. This is light-weight, durable, and are available for use in different industries. The most common use of this belt is in areas where rust and wear resistance are highly present.
Dough Bowl Hoist
Dough Bowl Hoist is mainly used to lift and tilt the bowl of kneader to a particular height and helps to transfer the dough to the working area. This hoist occupies less space, and also offers the users, the superior process functionality as well as flawless performance.
Dough Rounder
Dough Rounder is widely used for making small round bolls of the dough in a perfect size. This rounder is very easy to install as well as simple to use. This rounder is manufactured and supplied by our skilled workers by making use of premium grade of raw materials and high technology.

High Speed Bakery Mixer

Quickly mix all ingredients using this high speed bakery mixer if you are making pastry, bread, cookie or any other bakery item. This mixer is all you need if you want to stir, whisk or beat the ingredients.

Spiral Mixing Bowl

Spial mixing bowl is mainly used for mixing the ingredients in a better way. This bowl is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This bowl is widely appreciated for long working life and reasonable prices. This bowl is very effective and economical to use.

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